There wasn't much work for women and young girls in Bagworth or the surrounding areas.

They would travel into Leicester City and get work at the mills.

Most of the ancesters on my mother's side were framework knitters or did other jobs in the hosiery industry.

 They would have started work at 5am and finish about 7pm.

The air was filled with dust from the cotton and the noise from the machines would have been deafening.

Very often the workers would suffer from stomach, chest complaints and headaches.

When the women had done a days work at the mill they would then go home and do all the chores and take care of the children. Men in those days wouldn't have helped with housework.

Children would work from around the age of 7/8 years old, they were cheap labour.

They had very little education.

Many children were killed or badly injured working in the mills.

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