Name                                     Relationship


Jane                                         Is the owner of this site

Ernest William Sperry              Is my Father

Living relative                          Is my  mother

James Wilfred Sperry              paternal grandfather

Mary A Elks                             paternal grandmother

Arthur Spence                        maternal grandfather

Rosa Robinson                        maternal grandmother

James Sperry                         great-grandfather

Sarah Prime                           great-grandmother

Albert Robinson                     great-grandfather

Maud Beatrice Dicks               great-grandmother

James Sperry                         great-great-grandfather

Catherine Chiswell                  great-great-grandmother

James Prime                           great-great-grandfather

Mary.A.Gowdridge                  great-great-grandmother

Thomas Sperry                       great-great-great-grandfather

Charlotte Groutage                great-great-great- grandmother

Thomas Chiswell                    great-great-great-grandfather

Elizabeth Hunt                       great-great-great-grandmother

William Prime                        great-great-great-grandfather

Mary Holt                             great-great-great-grandmother

Henry Gowdridge                  great-great-great grandfather

Charlotte Henshaw               great-great-great-grandmother




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