There was a fatal accident at Bagworth Colliery where Thomas Sperry was killed at the colliery by being carried over the shaft wheel. He received bruises and fractures and was killed on the spot.

(Leicester Chronicle 17th June 1854)

 Thomas Sperry and Charles Johnstone were charged by Charles Heywood Kirkham of Bagworth with trespassing on his land in search of game and conies on the 24th March.

They were fined 1s each plus cost or in default seven days.

(leicester Journal Friday 24th April 1874)


John Sperry was charged with drunkeness at Bagworth on May 7th.

He was fined 15s plus costs or fourteen days inprisonment.

(Leicester Journal Friday 31st May 1878)


John Sperry, collier, from Bagworth pleaded guilty to a charge of being drunk and disorderly on 2nd July.

Having two previous convictions against him he was fined with costs or fourteen days hard labour.

(Leicester Journal Friday July 25th 1879)


Thomas Sperry of Bagworth was charged with being drunk and disorderly on July 11th.

PC Lawrence stated he saw Thomas Sperry about 8 o'clock on the highway at Bagworth. He was drunk and using bad language. He was calling another collier a Blackleg and other bad names.

Thomas Sperry had been convicted several times previously and was fined 30s or in default twenty one days hard labour.

(Leicester Journal Friday 8th Aug 1879)


Joseph Sperry, collier of Bagworth pleaded guilty to using indecent and obscene language at Thornton.

He was fined with costs or seven days.

(Leicester Chronicle Sat 7th April 1900)


John Sperry was charged with leaving his wife ad family destitute and chargeabe to the parish of Burbage. He promised to pay 5s per week for their support, until he could obtain a comfortable home for them.

(Leicester Chronicle Saturday April 22nd 1854)


An inquest was held at Ibstock concerning the death of William Sperry aged 17

He was accidently killed while working as a pony driver in Ibstock Colliery.

A fallen roof pinned him to the ground......He had broken his neck.

(Nottingham Evening Post February 7th 1925)

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