Edward Knight married Thirza Moore   March quarter 1883
           Market Harborough, Vol 7a  page 21


1920 Census:  Ohio, Cuyahoga, Bedford Twp
Lamson Road
Knight, Edward, head, owns home free, male, white, 54,
                     married, immigrated 1911, alien, can read, write,
                     b. ENG, parents b. ENG, spks English, laborer,
                     foundry, worker
             Thurza, wife, female, white, 58, married, immigrated
                     1911, alien, can read, write, b. ENG, parents b.
                     ENG, spks English
             Tom, son, male, white, 22, single, immigrated 1911,
                     un (unknown?), can read, write, b. ENG, parents
                     b. ENG, laborer, foundry, worker


1930 Census:  Ohio, Cuyahoga, Bedford Village
44 Cresswell
Knight, Thomas, owns home, $3000, male, white, 32, married,
                     first married at age 25, can read, write, b. ENG,
                     parents b. ENG, immigrated 1911, first papers,
                     spks English, carpenter, buildings
             Myrtle, wife, female, white, 39, married, first at age 32,
                     can read, write, b. OH, GER, OH, spks English
Held, Helen, mother-in-law, female, white, 76, widow, can read,
                     write, b. OH, GER, GER, spks English

 SS Mauretania
Liverpool to New York (11 Nov 1911 - 17 Nov 1911)

Knight, Edward, 45, b. Bosworth
            Thirza, 50, b. Clipston
            Tom, 14, b. Berkley
last residence:  Leicester, England
contact in country from whence came:  son Mr. + B Knight
                 57 Knighton Church Rd, S. Knighton
final destination:  Cleveland, Ohio
going to join son, E Knight.9304 Euclid Ave, Cleveland

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