Coal has killed many men and boys over the years.

A lot of my male ancesters spent hours down the pit to earn a living.

It was an horrid job. 

Bagworth Colliery shut down after 166 years in 1991.

Over those 166 years my male ancesters tried to earn a small living.

My Grandfather James moved away from Bagworth, his intentions maybe was so that his two sons (my father and uncle) didn't have to go down the mine.


Down the pit lad, down we go

it's dark and scary do I have to go?


Aye lad you need to earn your money

for the kids and ya darling honey


Your skin will be black

it'll be hard on ya back


You'll have soot up ya nose

and covered from ya head to your toes


Pray we come up lad, pray we come up


(C) J.Makrides

 The video is of Brownhills mine....Some of my ancesters lived at Brownhills Staff....No doubt they worked down this mine.

Who knows maybe they are in some of the pictures.

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