UK, Prison Hulk Registers and Letter Books, 1802-1849
John Plumb Age: 27
Date Received onto ship: 23 May 1821
Ship: Bellerophon
Place Moored: Woolwich
Date Convicted: 16 Mar 1821   Place Convicted: Nottingham
Offence:  Highway Robbery
Sentence: Life
How & when disposed of:  28 July 1821  [can't read]  Hungerford N.S.W.

Also received onto the Bellerephon on the same day and convicted of Highway Robbery Nottingham 16 Mar 1821

Samuel Alexander  age 18
Isaac Alexander  19
Thomas Bakewell  18
Joseph Upton  20

There is nothing to indicate if they were all involved in the same offence

According to the record for Nottingham Lent Assizes 1821, they were all sentenced to Death, but there is an R after it - possibly Reprieved?

A Coroner's Jury assembled at the Bricklayers' Arms, on view of the body of Plumb, the bush-ranger, who had died in the Colonial Hospital of wounds received during his recent conflict with Allan and his party-when after brief deliberation, a ver- dict was returned of -Justifiable Homicide.

Hobart Town Gazette 1825

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