Searching this branch of my tree I have come upon a lot of confusion.....Woolaston, Wollaston, Wolverson . I have found all three uses of this name within my research. I have a 6X great Grandmother Mary, sometimes she is noted as Mary Woolaston, sometimes Wollaston and  at other times Wolverson. There is also confusion who her grandparents were...some have her grandparents as Ralph and Phebe Wollaston others have them as Richard and Anne....some have Richard as Mary's father's brother. On a lot of other family tree's she is down as a descendant of Wollaston of Ullavestone which goes back to the 11 hundreds.

My own opinion on all this is that she is a Wolleston and her Grandfather was Ralph Wolleston and that she had an uncle Ralph and that i'm 90% sure she did come from the Wollaston of Ullavestone line. The name Ralph seems to go through that tree as does William, The name of Mary's father.

The reason I am only 90% sure she came from this tree is ...1. I have no source of the father of William (Mary's father) and 2. Mary's line seem to be of 'working class' yet both sides of Mary in that tree seem to be education and have money and high status's........

I'm now in contact with a worldwide Wollaston research group. It will be very interesting on what views they have on this.

This is a very interesting can find lots of history on  the Wollaston family.

 The Wollaston family held a family seat from an ancient line. They held property to the west of what is now Dudley and Wolverhampton from before and after the Norman conquest.

 Wollaston of Ullavestone.


. John (died 1193)

. Walter (1155-)

 Henry (-1234)

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